Singapore Lift Maintenance Service

Lifts are part of our everyday activities. Lifts are essential to people especiallywhen you are working on a building with above 3 floor. Lifts save your time by making  it easier and quicker to reach your destination without going through the stress of taking stairs. Since lifts are like all other machines, it needs regular maintain to prevent it from breakdowns. It just not only about hiring a professionals for functionality of the lift. It is also important to always keep your lift clean to prevent unsightly stain or bad smells from appearing on your lift. As people may find lift with smell or stain to heighten their disdain.

Why you should hire professional lift maintenance service


Your top priority should be the safety of your lift users. Regular maintenance and inspections by professional are the best ways to achieve this. Without regular maintenance and inspection, small issues can turn to a big problems if care is not taking and could lead to potentialhazardous conditions.

Regulatory Requirements

Another reason good is that the law recommended for you to perform a regular maintenance. If you failure to meet their requirements can result to payment of fine and other punishments.Why you need a professional lift maintenance service

Cost Savings

Neglecting regular maintenance can cost you a lot because part failures can result to major damage. It is good to engage on preventive and proper maintenance since it is affordable than repairing and total replacement.

Longer Life Span of Unit

Regular maintenance will increase the life span of your lift and all related parts. since most part failures are detected easily and repair on time before it become major damage.


When you maintain your lift regularly. Your transporting system will work smoothly. This will keep you productive, and keep all lift user happy.

About our Singapore maintenance service

Lift service are important for both big apartments and office buildings. As they are an important means of transportation for movement of passengers and goods from one to another and as a fundamental way to maintain an efficient traffic flows inside some complex buildings. The maintenance of your lift is very importance. An effective maintenance will not only protect your employees, customers and tenants but also to ensure sound operation for the convenience of all user. Partnering with our lift service company for a maintenance program is the best way to ensure reliable operation for the safety of your passenger as well as your equipment.

Rigid maintenance program

To Implement an effective maintenance programme, you will need to hire a qualified specialist like us for regular check of your equipment. Our check-up routine will be in accordance with the recommended schedule by manufacturer. We draw up a maintenance contract that covers the appropriate maintenance for your lift depending on the use, age and environment. Our inspection routine are carried out by a qualified specialist to ensure both appropriate technical expertise along with rapid supply of start parts. Our programs are specific and designed to the age, location, traffic flow and vulnerability of the lift. Our proactive maintenance will

  • Improve the life of your lift
  • Extend the time between each call backs
  • Maximum reliability
  • Reduces the risk of litigation and accidents.

Statutory inspections

We have a customized service inspection by our qualified staff as recommended by an important legislative LOLER (lifting operations & lifting Equipment regulations) to inspect your lifts, maximum of six month interval between each inspection for lift carrying passengers and at least 12 month interval inspection for Goods-only life.

Daily on-site functional test

We have several functional tests that we can carry out on daily basic to help you check the current states of your lift.

Your emergency communication system

You know an emergency communication system must work at all times. It is a statutory requirements for every newly installed lift have an active automatic checking remote that will always check your emergency communication system at least every 72 hours. However, for existing lift, you need to check whether this system is available. If not, we can help you put a process in place that will test your system after every three days.


Our staff can check your lighting regular and quickly replace it when required.

Lift thresholds

Our staff will help your check your leveling of your lift to ensure that every lift thresholds levels with every floor it opens onto. Failure to do so can lead to a serious trip hazard.

Door tracks

Since the most common cause of lift breakdowns is the doors fall to open or close. However, we can help you keep your door tracks clean with our building’s cleaning routine that include regular cleaning and vacuuming out of the tracks.

Door safety devices

Door safety device need to be check regularly so as to immediately reverse it if any obstruction is detected and prevent it to breakdown.

Education lift user

Maintaining our customer’s property is our top priority. Hence, to reduce the number of damage and breakdown. Another effective way is to enlighten lift user about the do and don’t of lifts. A lift has its own purposely its design. The most effective way to maintain a lift is by using it correctly to serve the purpose is being designed for, so using a lift for the purpose is not meant for will make it more susceptible to breakdown and damage. For instance, when too many passengers use the lift at a given time or using a lift meant to carry passengers to carry heavy loads.